X-15 viewing and post-movie discussion with Michelle Evans

Cold War Movie Night returns! Join us for a viewing of the movie, X-15.

During the Cold War in the 1960s the United States Air Force and NASA tested the experimental rocket-powered aircraft X-15 that set altitude and speed records and reached the edge of outer space.

Released in 1961, the film was a dramatization of the X-15 rocket plane's development program, which was among the very earliest NASA programs; inherited from NACA (the predecessor of NASA). Featuring a cast of characters, with pilots, flight engineers, crew and their families, the plot line is an imaginary story depicted around real events.

X-15 stars David McLean, Charles Bronson, James Gregory and Mary Tyler Moore (her first film role). The debut of Richard Donner as director, with narration by James Stewart.

Following the viewing will be a live discussion (via Zoom) on the history of the X-15 with historian Michelle Evans.

Michelle Evans is the founder of Mach 25 Media and is an aerospace writer, photographer, and education specialist. She served in the U.S. Air Force working on nuclear missiles, is the producer of several documentaries about space exploration, and is a contributor to Space Daily, space.com, and Ad Astra


Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024


6:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.


The Fuge- 780 Falcon Circle, Warminster, PA